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Maastricht University (UM) Campus Brussels offers executive education and training opportunities for professionals working in Brussels, both in and around the EU institutions. In this spirit, UM Campus Brussels builds on Maastricht University’s renowned expertise in European affairs and on its innovative, and dynamic Problem-Based Learning methodology to deliver high-quality courses that will prepare you, through a blend of theory and practice, to take on challenges and to advance in your professional career.

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Health Risk Strategies and Communication (RISC) in the European Union

In an era where crises are increasingly of a ‘trans-boundary nature’, risks and uncertainties are at the centre of current political and public debate. New, continuing, and sometimes intensified uncertainties surrounding such risks inevitably influence risk strategies developed within organisations: is a certain issue a risk as such and how to communicate this risk in a responsible manner?

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This 4 day course does not only focus on acquiring knowledge about Europe but also on high-level skills needed to be able to exert influence in the EU environment, such as complex leadership skills, insights into the decision making process and management skills. These managerial skills and insights acquired through the action-learning project are detrimental to succeeding in such a multifaceted environment.

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EU External Relations Governance

This 5 day executive course provides an in-depth analysis of the governance system of EU external relations. It does so while using the unique Problem Based Learning system (PBL), developed by Maastricht University, which stimulates interactive teaching. In the same vein, the course has a strong competence acquisition component. This includes training in communication and negotiation skills, comparative case studies and normative analysis.

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EU Climate Law: Introduction to Legal Developments on the Path towards Climate Neutrality

This introductionary seminar will discuss EU climate law from the perspective of how law contributes to the challenge of becoming climate neutral by 2050. It will provide participants with a thorough overview of the development of core EU climate legislation, including the new EU Climate Law that sets a legal trajectory towards climate neutrality, and the related ongoing amendments of key EU climate laws.

It will also discuss the increasing role of the courts in ensuring compliance with EU climate law, including seminal decisions from national courts.

The course is targeted to practitioners who do not have yet thorough knowledge of EU climate law, and would like to get a firm layer of basic knowledge in this complex and dynamic field of EU action.

Date: 29 October 2021

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