Sustainable development

Maastricht University has developed a Sustainability Vision 2030  to make UM an inclusive, innovative and sustainable university by 2030. Sustainability is an important theme in our education and research and we will also contribute by further limiting the ecological and social footprint of our operations. Furthermore, we will develop a sustainability culture in order to inspire the entire UM community to be active stakeholders in this endeavour.

Green Office

Since its foundation in 2010, the Maastricht University Green Office (UMGO)  has played a major role in turning sustainability into a key theme at UM. The UMGO initiates, coordinates and monitors sustainability projects, bringing students, staff and third parties together and providing advice on sustainability issues. Run by students and supported by UM staff, the office promotes out-of-the-box thinking and facilitates the development of surprising solutions. The UMGO works closely with Facility Services on the sustainability of UM operations, and joins forces in the areas of education and research with the sustainability institute ICIS and the educational innovation centre EdLab.

UM giving waste a future

From the end of March 2017, we will start separating waste in all our buildings. Paper, plastic and general waste will be collected in separate bins. Our goal is to shrink general waste flows to the bare minimum, and our motto is: Use less. Recycle the rest.

Waste sorting and recycling are in line with UM’s ambition to be a green university by 2030. Giving recyclable waste a second life helps to minimise the impact waste has on the environment. Initially we aspire to cutting general waste from 55% to 40% of the total waste flow by 2021.

For more information please visit the waste separation page.


Want to learn more about UM’s new approach to waste separation? Watch the video!

Waste Separation is Coming to UM

Relevant documents

For more documents and publications on sustainability at Maastricht University, please see the Green Office website  .


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