Honours Programme

The Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering also offers its most talented students the possibility to gain even more in-depth knowledge by completing their study programme with an additional honours programme.

This DKE Honours Program consists of two different tracks: a research oriented track and a practice oriented track (also known as KE @ Work) each in combination with a common part: the Honours+ program organized by EDLAB.

Bachelor Student - Danni - ke@work

KE @ Work (practical track)

Students are placed at a business through a careful selection and matching process. During the full second and third year of the bachelor program, they spend 50 % of the time in class and 50% at the business, where they work on solving academic challenges and complex business problems. This while being under supervision of dedicated Business and University representatives.  Companies and organizations that will be involved in the start in September 2016 are among others: Vodafone, Mediaan, Medtronic and PNA group.

Research track

In the research track of our Honours Programme students get the opportunity to work on a state-of-the-art research project. Work will be organized in a similar way as in professional research institutes where students work together as individual experts on a team project. Each student specializes in a task, will get assigned a team role and receives a self-contained research project. Together they will be working towards a common demonstration where individual research projects integrate towards a journal publication. For the individual subprojects, each student receives an individual supervisor from DKE.  

Contact DKE Honours Programme

KE@Work (practical track)

Mel Schickel
KE@Work coordinator

+31 43 388 1359

Research Track

Dr. Rico Möckel
Assistant professor

+31 43 38 83482