In order to offer you the best, broadest and most relevant research, GSBE partners with several other top institutes. Some of these are part of the School of Business and Economics, while others are external.

Joint Institutes

European Centre for Corporate Engagement (ECCE)

A joint initiative of Maastricht University and RSM Erasmus University in Rotterdam, ECCE is an international research consortium focused on corporate engagement and sustainable finance. Supported by leading investment institutes, its mission is to develop, communicate and promote thought-provoking and innovative research into business and finance in order to promote sustainable development.

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Social Innovation for Competitiveness, Organisational Performance and Human Excellence (INSCOPE)

A joint initiative between Maastricht University and the NSI, INSCOPE focuses on the study of social innovation and its effect on competitiveness, organisational performance and human excellence. Research has shown that social innovation and its leverage of technological innovation are crucial to the performance and competitiveness of companies.