We offer businesses and the third sector a variety of means to work together with us to co-create value and societal relevance. The school prides itself on its close links with the business community. We aim to contribute to the business world – locally and globally – by producing the highest calibre graduates and nurturing top researchers. At the same time, we want to involve the business community in our everyday activities.

Is your company looking to recruit top graduates or motivated interns? Are you keen to advertise your company as an employer of choice? Do you have a research project to commission or a business issue that needs solving?

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For any information about partnerships, please contact the Centre for Student Development & Business Relations or use our contact form.

The Centre for Student Development & Business Relations
Maastricht University School of Business and Economics
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What we offer

Interested in becoming one of SBE’s valued partners or sponsors? Whether you are a large corporation or an individual entrepreneur, we value your involvement.

  • Recruitment and employer branding
  • Research as a service
  • Portal for small and medium sized (SME) enterprises
  • Education for professionals

Shaping the Future with Maastricht University

Recruitment and employer branding

Employer branding means exposure of your values and services to young, talented and motivated students. Our graduates are without exception internationally oriented, and have spent extended periods studying abroad, making them the employees of choice for many top firms. Numerous opportunities for organisations to present themselves as potential employers are available.

Research as a service

Submit your business challenge or research question and let students do the work. The research question and resulting project are developed in close consultation with the external organisation and the respective researchers. Research projects can be conducted in cooperation with academic staff and/or students, and may range in duration from several weeks to a number of years.

Research conducted at the School, which frequently appears in leading international journals, can lead to innovative solutions to current economic and business problems.

Empowering human ingenuity

SME Portal Maastricht University

The SME Portal Maastricht University facilitates the transfer of knowledge between SME's and Maastricht University. As an entrepreneur, you need the best knowledge for answering  your  business related challenges. In case you don’t have the capacity or expertise at your disposal, the SME Portal can be of assistance. The SME Portal will submit your question to the appropriate researcher,  research group or to one of the other affiliated knowledge institutions of Maastricht University. Depending on your issue, the people involved can range from highly experienced senior staff to very eager students or any combination. Examples of collaboration in which our dedicated staff and/or students study your business-related challenges include, workshops,  internships, master’s thesis research,  case assignment, research projects.

Answering business related challenges