The educational approach of the School of Business and Economics (SBE) revolves around small-scale teaching methods supported by an electronic learning environment, a portfolio of international study programmes and strong incentives for top-quality research.

All degree programmes make use of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) with an emphasis on skills development – problem solving, group work and self-directed learning – to prepare students optimally for the European and international knowledge society.

There are many ways to get to know the educational approach of SBE better. You find all information about our bachelor’s and master’s programmes online and we offer you many opportunities to experience our faculty at one of our Open Days or Experience Days.

Bachelor's Programmes

Starting your educational career in a bachelor’s programme at a university is a tough decision. “Small scale” and “personal” may not be terms you would immediately associate with a university. But it is around these concepts that Problem-Based Learning (PBL) revolves. For the duration of your bachelor’s programme at SBE, you will be working in small groups where you actively discuss problems with your fellow students and tutors. Scientific research has also shown that by actively applying your knowledge during the tutorial group meetings you are more likely to remember new facts than by simply sitting in a packed lecture hall. The practical experience you gain and the skills you develop during your three year bachelor’s programme at the School of Business and Economics will give you a significant advantage when entering the business world.

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Master's Programmes

At the School of Business and Economics we believe that education should be centred on you, the student. And to us, you're not one of many master's students filling a seat in a crowded lecture hall. Instead, you work in small groups and together with your fellow master’s students you seek solutions to real world problems. This means that you are continuously exchanging knowledge, experiences and opinions with your group members as well as the academic staff. When you are driven by a spirit of inquiry that motivates you to go deeper than memorisation and a shallow understanding of concepts you are at the right spot here at the School of Business and Economics.

Research Master's Programmes

The Research Master programme is primarily research oriented: It combines a training in analytical and research skills while gaining a solid knowledge in your discipline of interest (either Financial and Economic Research, or Business Research). The programme equips you with the necessary skills to become experts in research. You will be prepared to successfully lead research projects and to make confident, data-driven decisions. Considering the importance that organisations attach to analytical skills within a discipline, a Research Master diploma significantly improves your careers prospects.

The Research Master is also the ideal preparation for a scientific, academic career. The majority of our Research Master students seamlessly continue their research career and enter the PhD programme at Maastricht University, or any other (inter)national university.

The Research Master programme is a two-year Master programme (120 ECTS) that is offered at the Graduate School of Business and Economics (GSBE). It is accesible to students with outstanding study results in their (under) graduate program in business, economics, econometrics or other relevant disciplines. GSBE’s strong connection to the academic and professional world will introduce you to the most advanced research and gives you the opportunity to create a tailor-made experience.

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Postgraduate Development (UMIO)

At UMIO, the executive branch of Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, we thrive on serving individuals and organisations by generating perspectives that advance management knowledge and practice.

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Excellence programmes

At the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, we believe that science can offer concrete, tangible solutions to problems for today and tomorrow. Today's challenges transcend national borders. The world is our playing field and Maastricht University offers the most international learning environment in the Netherlands. To help students to excel the School of Business and Economics has developed excellence programmes alongside regular Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes.