Minors and subsidiary students

Studying at another faculty within or outside Maastricht University and would you like to study at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience? It's possible!

Minor in Psychology

If you are interested in Psychology, consider a (Research) Master in Psychology, or just want to broaden your knowledge and skills, a Minor in Psychology might be an interesting option for you!

The minor is an excellent way to get an impression of Psychology and very useful as preparation for one of the many (Research)Masters in Psychology. In addition, receiving a Minor in Psychology title will give your CV a favourable addendum: Whether you want to work in the field of life sciences, law, arts & culture, or economics, human behaviour applies to every discipline.


Two minors

The Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience offers two minors, a minor (MIP) for third-year university bachelor students of all disciplines (except FHML-MHS), and an advanced minor (AMIP) for FHML Mental Health Science (FHML-MHS) bachelors. Both minors are 24 ECTS and are offered in English.

Minor in Psychology (MIP)

The Minor in Psychology consists of four courses in period 1 and 2, which will give you a broad background in Psychology. The courses will introduce you to:

  • Social Psychology (Period 1)
  • Personality Psychology (Period 1)
  • Psychopathology (Period 2)
  • Neuropsychology (Period 2)

 Please read the Course descriptions Minor Psychology for more information.
Read the instruction on how to register for the MIP  

Advanced Minor in Psychology (AMIP)

The Advanced Minor in Psychology is only open to third-year FHML Mental Health Science (MHS) bachelor students and consists of five courses, which will give you insights in fields of Psychology that will complement your knowledge of MHS.

After online registration, you will receive a weblink (via EleUM or email) through which you can submit your course preferences.


   visit this page for all minors


You can register online for the minors via My UM > Course registration > option “Special Course Approval”. To book the Minor in Psychology register for the module MIP, and to book the Advanced Minor in Psychology register for the module AMIP. Note: you can NOT register for the minors by booking each course separately, using the PSY-codes!

  • Application deadline for AMIP is 29-7-2018 (registration opens at 2-5-2018)
  • Application deadline for MIPSY is 01-7-2018 (registration opens at 1-6-2018)

See the sidebox above for more information on registration.