Maastricht Faculty of Law Working Papers

The working paper series aims to further excellence in scholarship. It allows Maastricht-based authors to bring their work-in-progress to a wide audience, facilitating fruitful discussion and critical input on nascent ideas and projects to the benefit of both author and reader. 

The series builds upon the tradition of excellence of the Ius Commune Research School, the Maastricht Centre for Human Rights, and the Transnational Legal Research Centre, METRO. We welcome submissions from our partners in these endeavours.

Maja  Brkan (maastricht University)
In Search Of The Concept Of Essence Of Eu Fundamental Rights Through The Prism Of Data Privacy

The paper numbers 2017-2 up to and including 2017-7 are part of a Special Issue edited by Dr. M. Eliantonio and Dr. S. Jansen and entitled “The Modernisation of the Rules of Administrative Judicial Procedure under Scrutiny: the Rulings of the Belgian Constitutional Court on the “Administrative Loop” in a Comparative Perspective”.

Heidi Bortels (Belgian Constitutional Court/UHasselt)
The Belgian Constitutional Court and the Administrative Loop: A Difficult Understanding

Sander Jansen (Maastricht University)
The Dutch Administrative Loop Under Scrutiny: How the Dutch (Do Not) Deal with Fundamental Procedural Rights

Franziska Grashof (Maastricht University)
Neighbours ‘Reinventing the Wheel’ or Learning from Each Other? - The Belgian Administrative Loop and Its Constitutionality: A Comparison to the German Debate

Monica Delsignore (University of Milan Bicocca)
The Italian Legal System and the Possible Implications of the Belgian Constitutional Court's Rulings on the Administrative Loop

Anders Bengtsson (Land and Environment Court Växjö, Sweden)
The Swedish Legal System and Possible Implications of the Belgian Rulings - Reformatory Procedure in Swedish Land and Environment Courts

Sander Jansen (Maastricht University) & Mariolina Eliantonio (Maastricht University)
The Modernisation of the Rules of Administrative Judicial Procedure Under Scrutiny: The Rulings of the Belgian Constitutional Court on the 'Administrative Loop' in a Comparative Perspective - Concluding Remarks

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