Faculty Innovation Challenge 2018

As announced during the Christmas drinks, the Faculty Board decided to award a prize for smart ideas that contribute to innovating our Faculty. Next to a certificate, the prize consists of the realisation of the idea. The idea can relate to any aspect of Faculty life: teaching, research, organisation, sustainability, the building, the garden, etc.



  1. participation is open to all members of the Faculty community: staff and students
  2. proposals can be submitted by teams consisting of at least three and maximum five persons. The team must consist of a mix of both academic and support staff, academic staff and students, support staff and students or academic staff, support staff and students.
  3. the proposal consists of maximum two pages A-4 and contains the following elements:
    - name of the team and of the team’s members
    - the project description with attention for a) the idea; b) why the idea contributes to innovating the Faculty; c) the practical feasibility; d) an estimate of the costs
    - name and email address of the contact person

A jury consisting of three members (one academic staff member, one support staff member and one student) will review the proposals on basis of innovativeness and practical feasibility and advise the Faculty Board about the winner.

Practical aspects