Legal clinics

Bringing reality in the classroom enhances student employability. We established two clinical education programmes that offer live-client or other real-life practice, reaching out to NGOs who need help in problem-solving and community-building.

Maastricht Mediation Clinic
In collaboration with Monique Benning and Mardoeka Christensen of Trajekt (a Maastricht based youth neighborhood mediation organisation), the MMC offers our students the opportunity to become student-mediators and conduct actual mediation sessions with the guidance of professional mediators. In addition to offering hands on clinical education, we also offer workshops and Master Classes on the issue of mediation, dispute resolution, and negotiations..

The CSR-Lab
This lab is built around an in-house NGO and currently collaborates with the German start-up Good Good GmbH. Participating students will be exposed to corporate social responsibility in practice and will be involved in the implementation of the social pledges undertaken by the company.

Indie Art Legal Clinic
The Indie Art Legal Clinic provides pro-bono legal advice to independent artists. Participating students work in groups under the supervision of a member of staff and/or a lawyer to give answers to real-life intellectual property questions. Lawyers that collaborate with the IALC work in IP law firms such as Ventoux, AOMB and Ab Ovo.