Maastricht University Law College (UMLC)

The Maastricht University Law College (UMLC) is an extra-curricular programme for students who have the potential to excel. The UMLC offers its students an open and collaborative learning environment, in which students and staff work closely together and participate in a multitude of academic and extracurricular activities. 

The UMLC programme offers a broader approach to studying the law and has three main focus areas:

  • Understanding the law in its societal context, which requires looking at legal problems from perspectives that come from outside the law
  • Understanding how the law works in practice by discussing legal problems with a variety of legal professionals and by engaging in simulations
  • Developing an understanding of legal research methods

The UMLC constitutes a three-year programme of 36 ECTS that students follow in addition to the regular bachelor programme in Dutch Law, Fiscal Law or European Law School. It comprises a core programme and two tracks: Law in Practice and Legal Research. It is supported by a mentor and portfolio programme that supports the learning process and monitors learning progress.
The Maastricht University Law College is for students who demonstrate a potential to excel at their studies and are keen to explore how they can develop their academic and personal skills and talents to become tomorrow’s leaders in for instance research, law, business, government and policy.

Distinguishing features

  • Substantive workshops dealing with the concrete issues such as global concerns, European legislation and conflict resolution
  • Talent development workshops aimed at developing a multitude of skills such as legal writing, analysis, research, presentations, rhetoric and debate, leadership, collaboration and strategic thinking
  • Guest speakers: lawyers, judges, scholars, policy makers, representatives of NGOs, and scholars from a variety of disciplines
  • Mentor programme: personal development programme tailored to each student
  • E-portfolio: A unique form of assessment that allows students and staff to follow personal and academic growth
  • Courses taught in both English and Dutch

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