Maastricht University Law College (UMLC)

The Maastricht University Law College (UMLC) is an extra-curricular programme for bachelor students who are keen to explore how they can develop their academic and personal skills and talents to become tomorrow’s leaders in for instance research, law, business, government and policy.

The UMLC comprises a two-and-a-half-year programme of 36 ECTS that its students follow in addition to the regular bachelor programme in Dutch Law, Fiscal Law or European Law School. It combines academic courses, personal development workshops, mentor meetings and other, extra-curricular activities to enable its students to discover and develop their talents and get the most out of their studies. In an open and collaborative learning environment, UMLC students and staff work closely together to support every participant’s development.

The focus in the UMLC is on developing competences. Instead of assessing your performance in a traditional way by means of examinations, the UMLC is assessed on the basis of a portfolio which tracks your learning process and progress in relation to ten competences focussed on personal development, communication and academic development. In the UMLC programme you can work on developing these competences in the following areas:

  • Understanding the law in context
  • Law in practice
  • Legal research
  • Personal growth and leadership

In the first half year, you will be given the opportunity to look at legal problems from perspectives that come from outside the law, such as economics, psychology, sociology, ethics or international relations. During the second year, you can choose to focus either on law in practice or on legal research. In their final year, each student can, in close co-operation with supportive members of the staff, develop an individual project which best fits their personal goals and interests. Throughout the programme, there are workshops and assignments that aim at fostering personal leadership. 

Every student is supported by a mentor who works closely together with him or her throughout the duration of the programme. The UMLC also features a unique e-portfolio programme that helps to monitor the learning process.

Distinguishing features

  • Focus on developing competences, e.g. Leadership, Collaboration, Communication, Problem-Solving, Research Methods, Global Citizenship
  • Talent development workshops aimed at developing a multitude of competences such as legal writing, analysis, research, presentations, leadership, collaboration and strategic thinking
  • Guest speakers: lawyers, judges, policy makers, representatives of NGOs, and scholars from a variety of disciplines
  • Mentor programme: personal development programme tailored to each student
  • E-portfolio: A unique form of assessment that allows students and staff to follow personal and academic growth
  • Courses taught in both English and Dutch