Outgoing students

outgoing students

Studying abroad
During your studies at Maastricht University you can also study abroad. The Faculty of Law has made agreements with various universities and law schools in and outside Europe which enable students enrolled here to study abroad.

Studying abroad gives an extra dimension to your studies. You get to know new people and learn different customs. You not only experience the challenge of examining a different legal system in a different language, but will also benefit from it in your professional practice later. Importantly, you get the chance to see law in its wider European context by engaging in comparative studies and putting what you learn into a broader perspective. Naturally, you also improve your language proficiency. And last but not least: it’s good for your personal development!

The universities participating in the exchange programmes have made agreements for each discipline, which has many advantages for you. For example, you don’t pay additional tuition fees. Due to the structure of study programmes at universities in other countries, study periods abroad are likely to last a minimum of four months.

Students who are going to a European partner for exchange, are often eligible for an additional grant from the EU (Erasmus). To be eligible for an Erasmus grant, you must spend at least a minimum of three months, with a maximum of one academic year, at an Erasmus partner university. It is not yet clear how many Erasmus grants our faculty will receive for the academic year 2018/2019. (More information will follow soon).

You will find a list with all partner universities in- and outside Europe here.