You can arrange accommodation with Maastrichthousing. The faculty does not act as an intermediary, so you need to make your own reservation.

Maastrichthousing is a cooperation between two student housing organizations: Guesthouse UM and the Foundation for Student Housing in Maastricht. It’s their shared goal to service housing for students, employees and guests from Maastricht University, Hoge School Zuyd and Jan van Eijck Academie.

Reservations are made on a 'first come, first served' basis so you need to arrange your accommodation as soon as possible!! Please check the website for more information and reservations.

Please take into account the introduction day, the start and end of the semester and examination dates when you book a room.

Please keep in mind you have to pay 35 euro subscription fee and first come first serve.

If you decide to find somewhere to live via another internet site, please check as much as possible that this is a valid site. Some students had problems this year with con men and arrived in Maastricht only to find that the accommodation did not exist.

Housing Helpdesk
For assistance with housing problems, please click here.