Application procedure

All exchange students must be officially nominated by their home university. Please visit the International Relations Office of your home university to get nominated for the Maastricht University Faculty of Law exchange programme.

A nomination letter or an e-mail from the home university with the name, study period and e-mail address of the student that has been selected to apply for the exchange programme at the Maastricht Faculty of Law has to be sent to:

Information/instructions on the on-line application will be sent be e-mail to each selected student directly.

Student has to apply on-line. All required application documents have to be uploaded or have to be sent electronically.

Nomination deadline for coordinators:
15 April 2017: Students arriving in September 2017
15 September 2017: Students arriving in January/February 2018

Online application deadline for students:
15 May 2017 Students arriving in September 2017
15 October 2017: Students arriving in January/February 2018

Required documents