Study at FASoS during COVID-19

The impact of the coronavirus on society has been huge and it has become clear that special measures need to be taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

We understand that in these uncertain times it is difficult to assess what the academic year looks like. The uncertainties logically raise many questions: How about safety in Maastricht? What does education look like at FASoS? What can you expect from student life? We can't give a conclusive answer to all these questions, but we can try to help you as best we can. 

Education at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Education at FASoS remains online for the remainder of the academic year 2020-2021. Keeping in mind hopeful perspectives, but at the same time acknowledging the unpredictability of the coronavirus, we abide by the following rule for education in academic year 2021-2022: on-campus if possible, online if necessary. This means that when the Dutch government allows universities to open their doors again and we are certain we can provide education on-campus in a safe manner, we will offer education on campus again. In case the number of corona infections are still too high or the Dutch government decides that we cannot offer education in a safe manner, we will offer education online.”


Safety in times of Corona

At Maastricht University, we place great value on our students’ physical, as well as mental health. We adhere to strict security and hygiene protocols to protect our community. Directional signs in the university buildings indicate in what directions you may walk, and we ask everyone to keep in mind the 1.5 metres social distancing rule.

The Dutch government is making a strong appeal to the common sense and responsibility of our citizens in fighting the crisis: Together, we’ll get coronavirus under control in the Netherlands. On the website of the Government of the Netherlands you can find information about what the Dutch government – together with other organisations – is doing.  You can check out the current roadmap of measures against coronavirus, FAQs on health, read about the education sector and many more topics.


Safety in the city of Maastricht

The municipality of Maastricht is working with various think-tanks on how they can support citizens in what we call the '1.5m society'.  To ensure safety in the city centre the 'Ingel vaan Mestreech' shows you the way and there are friendly hospitality guides who are also happy to guide you in the right direction. You can have a look at the pedestrian plan in advance so that you are well prepared for the road. A full article about safety measures in the city centre can be found here (article in Dutch).