Feminists of Maastricht

We are a group of Maastricht University students who are passionate about fact-based gender equality education. We campaign on issues such as reproductive rights, violence against women, body-positivity, gender identity and freedom of choice. We aim to promote and raise awareness of intersectional feminism on the political, economic and social level in Maastricht.

Why FoM

Interested in learning more about feminism, the impact of patriarchal structures on women and men, and all things related? Up for some stimulating discussions once a week (or whenever you can make it)? Want to get involved in our community? The Feminists of Maastricht is a group open to anyone, no matter your gender or standing on the matter, aiming to open up the conversation on matters relating to feminism and bigotry in general. Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible and debate as many facets of modern intersectional feminism to raise awareness and develop the recognition that it covers issues that actually affect everyone, albeit in different ways.


  • Weekly meetings for our active members: our group meets once a week at the Law Faculty - and we are always happy to see new faces, so do not hesitate to stop by, bring a friend, and a smile.
  • Monthly debates and drinks to reach out to members that are more passive and others.
  • Lectures & Movie nights.
  • Events in cooperation with other organisations like ACMUS, Dionyx, etc.
  • Fundraising events (e.g. bake sales to raise money for breast cancer research).



Contact us if you have questions, collaboration suggestions or want to join. You can do so by email at feministsofmaastricht[at]gmail[dot]com or find us on Facebook and Instagram @FeministsOfMaastricht.

The FoM team

  • Events: Carole Bangoura/Marie Holch

  • Content: Diane Ngatchou

  • Marketing: Zahra Benasri/Anaïs Kraïem Ben Rached

  • Secretary: Alastair Hannaford