Alumni Circle Zuid-Limburg

The Alumni Circle Zuid-Limburg was founded in 2002 and represents alumni from all faculties of the Maastricht University (UM). It is a meeting place for university friends, future colleagues and potential business partners in the south of Limburg. Alumni who are living and/or working in the south of Limburg are automatically a member of this Alumni Circle and very welcome to participate in our events.

Since 2002, we have had many valuable meetings including trainings, workshops, discussion nights, cultural evenings, social networking events and alumni get-togethers. The Circle always takes into account the different backgrounds and ages of alumni, so there is something for everyone on the activity calendar. When organizing activities the Alumni Circle Zuid-Limburg frequently collaborates with institutions and companies in Limburg. Therefore the Alumni Circle is a connecting factor between the University of Maastricht, Limburg alumni and the community.

The Alumni Circle Zuid Limburg wants to be a forum for alumni of all disciplines of the UM, this way the alumni have the opportunity to closer ties en deepen relationships with student friends in a good atmosphere.

We look forward to meeting you at our future events!

Recent events
Guided Tour ENCI quarry
Movie night
Networking event

Alumni Circle Committee
Claire Bisscheroux (FASoS, 2007)
Erland Dohmen (FoL, 2017)
Dalia Gončiauskaitė (SBE, 2011)
Michelle Moutymbo (FoL, 2016)


Number of members: 13537

Upcoming events for alumni