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Welcome to the page of the Alumni Circle West-Brabant. The Alumni Circle West-Brabant is an active circle of alumni with different backgrounds in study, age and job. But we have at least two things in common in being proud to be Maastricht Univerity (UM) alumni and that we are living in the west of Brabant. In the activities that we organize we want to let these two elements come forward.

The Brabant province is developing and 'Brabantstad' has been put on the map and is well known to institutions and businesses. You will not be surprised by the fact that more and more young professionals choose this area to start their career. Today almost 2300 UM alumni are living in this region and this number is still growing! Within the Brabant province, there are three alumni circles which represent and cover the different regions. These regions are: Noord-Oost Brabant (the region around 's Hertogenbosch), Zuid-Brabant (the region around Eindhoven) and West-Brabant (the region in between Bergen op Zoom, Roosendaal, Breda, Tilburg and Waalwijk).

Since 2006, we as an alumni circle, offer different activities to alumni. These activities have different goals, such as meeting new people in an informal way; getting in contact with government agencies, institutions and businesses from the region; offering a platform for academic development; and developing the link with the regional culture and history.

Two or four times a year, we organize catchy activities in collaboration with the UM Alumni Office. We have organized, for example, theme meetings with well known speakers and current topics such as 'Healthcare = Big Business', 'PandUMie', 'Cracking the crook'; masterclasses with for instance Richard Engelfriet: 'How to catch a rat'; and burgundian get-togethers like the 'Mestreechter Pub Quiz' and culinary events.

We invite you to take part in our activities and we hope that we will get acquainted with you in the near future!

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Theme event 'Burn-out'
Theme event 'Less stress, more success'


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