Alumni Circle Vienna

Our alumni circle has only been founded in 2016. During the events we organised this year we were happy to welcome 50 active UM alumni already! We are an international group with alumni from a variety of UM faculties. Joining our network will give you the opportunity to meet open-minded people, to exchange your memories of Maastricht, and to connect with fellow alumni entrepreneurs, experienced professionals and students. 

We are holding alumni meetings every two to three months and in addition to our alumni drinks we already have lots of ideas of activities that we intend to undertake in 2017. You certainly wouldn't want to miss those out! Every new member is welcome. So please do not hesitate to get in touch with the UM Alumni Office to learn about our events and to join our network.

Recent events: Alumni Meeting in Vienna on Thursday 09/09.
The Maastricht Alumni Network Meeting took place at "Libelle" in Vienna

In a small round, but with new faces we were excited to hold the first Maastricht Alumni meeting in more than 1,5 years! The rooftop terrace at "Libelle" was the perfect spot for a reunion (adhering to the local 3G-Covid-legislation) whilst enjoying the breathtaking view over the Viennese Museumsquartier.
As always, it was an immense pleasure and fun to meet fellow alumni with the most diverse background and their individual best-of-Maastricht-memories. We all hope that another alumni reunion in 2021 will be possible - so stay tuned for future invitations and spread the word :) 

Upcoming events for alumni

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