Alumni Circle Rotterdam

Maastricht University Alumni have gathered and set forth in the city with the largest port of the world, Rotterdam! This is the place where friends, professionals and acquaintances of UM alumni can meet again. The end of your study in Maastricht does not mean the end of a learning career and fun. Join us in the UM Star Lectures, and drinks plus other activities in the summertime. Come & see what the Rotterdam Alumni circle has to offer!’

Recent events
Theme event: Kies voor het leven
Networking event
Theme event: Marktwerking in de zorg

Alumni Circle Committee
Laura van Bekkum (SBE, 2010)
Imco Janssen (FHML, 2013)
Tamara Buijsse (FdR, 2007)


Number of members: 1231

Upcoming events for alumni