Alumni Circle Noord/Midden-Limburg

The oldest Alumni Circle of the Maastricht University is active in the northern and central part of Limburg and is called Alumni Circle Noord- en Midden-Limburg. Our main goal is to bring alumni in contact with each other to enhance their networks and to exchange information, knowledge and experiences.

Our Circle
The current number of UM alumni in our Circle amount to 1600 and this number is still growing ever since our start in Januari 2001. Our Committee consists of three members.

What can the Circle Noord- en Midden-Limburg offer you?

We, as the Committee of the Circle Noord- en Midden-Limburg, have different backgrounds in studies, ages and jobs. But we all have one common factor, namely that we are proud of the fact that we have studied in Maastricht and that we are proud to live in the North and Central region of Limburg. This fact inspires us to organize activities for our Circle. We combine these two elements through our activities, with an eye to developments in society and for the good things in our region and province.

To achieve our goal, we offer you the following things through our activities:

  • Personal and business acquaintance
  • Contacts with governments, agencies and compagnies in the region 
  • A platform for academic deepening
  • Binding with the culture and history of our region.

You can also participate in the Alumni Circle!
If you’re interested in active participation in the Alumni Circle Noord- en Midden-Limburg, subscribe for an upcoming event. Or in case you have ideas for new events, locations or speakers, contact us. We look forward to see you soon!

Recent events
Presentation Anti-Terrorism
Meeting @ Campus Venlo

Alumni Circle Committee
Marjon de Jong (FdGW, 1985)
Patrick Voss (FdR, 1999)
Nico Pernot (FdG, 1988)
Noel Lebens


Number of members: 2905

Upcoming events for alumni