Alumni Circle Munich

Welcome to the page of Alumni Circle Munich. Join us in one of the nicest cities and connect to other alumni in the beer garden, during trips to the mountains, or during our more formal events and lectures. With more than 400 alumni  the Munich circle gives the opportunity to meet up with many known faces and make new connections. At our events you do not only have the chance to meet great, open minded people who share the spirit of Maastricht, but also business connections have been made in the past. At the Munich Circle, we strive to combine fun and networking by offering a framework for fostering the personal and professional network of our Alumni.

We are looking forward to see you in Munich and meet you at one of our standing agenda items: UM Star lecture in January, beer garden gathering in the summer, or our traditional Christmas Market get-together in December.

Recent events
Christmas get-together
Beergarden event
Christmas get-together

Alumni Circle Committee
Christian Wiehenkamp (SBE, 2006)
Ingo Stoff (SBE, 2007)
Juliane Gröper (Law, 2013)


Number of members: 566

Upcoming events for alumni