Alumni Circle Milan

Created in mid-2015, the Alumni Circle Milan has been growing since, accounting now to a group of 450+ members, with a strong based of 20-30 active members. Currently being the only circle in Italy, we propose ourselves as the main reference point for all the alumni present in the country. No matter if you are working, studying or just visiting the “Bel Paese”; if Maastricht University is part of your life, you will always be welcome in the Milan circle.

The circle meets at least quarterly and, starting from this year, we will start adding more cultural activities to the usual informal drinks. The objective of the circle is to offer a place to create informal, personal and business acquaintance in the city, and to provide any kind of support to Maastricht alumni.

A shorter or longer study period in Maastricht is what we all have in common. Since the beginning, we decided to open our activities also to people that attended Maastricht University during their Exchange Program. Consequently, our group is strongly heterogeneous in terms of academic and professional background.

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Number of members: 464

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