Alumni Circle Hamburg

Welcome to the page of Alumni Circle Hamburg. Alumni Circle Hamburg has grown to a group of over 650 members since its founding.
By organizing several activities each year, the Alumni Circle Hamburg offers an informal, personal and business acquaintance in the region, provides contact with governments, agencies and companies, and provides a platform for academic deepening and binding with the culture and history of the region.

The committee of Hamburg achieves this by organizing various activities each year. The Alumni Circle Hamburg consists of a variety of studies, ages and jobs. But we all have one common factor, namely that we are proud of the fact that we have studied in Maastricht and that we are proud to live in Hamburg We combine these two elements through our activities.

When you are interested in participation in the Alumni Circle Hamburg, subscribe for an upcoming event. Or in case you have ideas for new events, locations or speakers, contact us.

See you soon in Hamburg!

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Networking event
Christmas get-together

Alumni Circle Comittee
Till Dietrich (SBE, 2011)
Sissa Carlsson (SBE, 2012)
Golo Stratmann (SBE, 2011)


Amount of member: 743

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