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Being predominantly known as the financial metropolis and for the high-rise architecture, Frankfurt offers a lot more. Join us to see one of the magnificent exhibitions at one of the museums on the Main banks, a trip on the Main river or meet us for an after work drink in one of the nice bars or at one of the street festivals in summer. 

The small metropolis has attracted a large number of alumni. Thus, at each get-together we always get to know someone new. Meet alumni with various backgrounds and experiences, take a trip down memory lane when sharing those Maastricht stories, and get to know new business contacts and friends. We aim to connect experienced professionals with young entrepreneurs as well as providing a place for fun, laughter and joy.

Next to organizing events for our alumni, we also want to get acquainted with current UM students by participating in a joint networking event during University Maastricht’s Frankfurt Banking tour. This has helped with internship placements and career development in general – something we are quite proud of.

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our events!

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