Alumni Circle Brussels

As the seat of the European institutions, Brussels has a major attraction to an international group of highly skilled people. They do not only work for these European institutions but also for the many large companies that have their European coordination and financial centers in the city as well. Many alumni have over the years found their way to Brussels, which is the reason why the Alumni Circle Brussels is one of the largest foreign UM alumni circles with over 1700 members.

The members come from almost every UM faculty. This we bear in mind while planning our activities, which take place two times a year on average. Our ambition is to give the floor to the alumni themselves as much as possible. In this way we hope to give an impression of the jobs alumni choose after their graduation.

Obviously, the connection with Maastricht remains important. Therefore we pay attention to important developments for Maastricht University, the city and its region from time to time. Because of its adjacent location, the Alumni Circle Brussels maintains good relationships with the UM alumni circles in Hasselt, South-Limburg and North- and Central-Limburg. Besides, it also cooperates with the Brussels UM-campus.

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Amount of members: 1786

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