Alumni Network of the School of Business and Economics

Welcome to the Alumni Network of Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE), an international, growing network with more than 16.000 alumni working and living all over the world.

The SBE Alumni community provides excellent opportunities on behalf of career development, lifelong learning and staying connected with your alma mater.

Maastricht University (UM) organises various social, networking and themed events which can boost your career, will update you about developments within UM but also enables you to stay in touch with fellow alumni and reminisce about your time in Maastricht.

7 steps

After graduation there are numerous ways to keep in touch with the SBE alumni network and benefit from our network. In order to utilize this network effectively we have described ‘the Seven Steps to Success’.

  • Step 1: Update my contact details >>>
  • Step 2: Join the SBE Alumni Group on LinkedIn >>>
  • Step 3: Attend Alumni Circle events >>>
  • Step 4: Share and work with SBE >>>
  • Step 5: Mentor and help current students >>>
  • Step 6: Develop myself >>>
  • Step 7: Serve as SBE ambassador >>>

Statistics (PDF)

Our SBE Alumni community constitutes of people with more than 100 nationalities spread over the world. Here you find some alumni statistics regarding their employment, career perspectives, salary, educational perception. Download PDF

Giving Back

Contributing to Maastricht University takes many forms. For more information please go to this page.

Events and activities

All upcoming events and activities are listed on the Maastricht University website's event calendar here.

Alumni Portal - the online portal that connects UM alumni

Have you always wanted to know where your old classmates ended up? Are you interested in alumni events in your region? And do you want to stay in touch with your Alma Mater? Then sign up for the Maastricht University Alumni Portal, a new online portal that connects UM alumni.