Alumni - SWOL


Alumni - SWOL

Maastricht University is fortunate to have an engaged alumni community. We hope your time in Maastricht and UM was unforgettable and that it helped you make lasting friendships and secure a good job. If you feel like giving back to your alma mater, you can get involved in the following ways:

  • Contribute to one of our many events as a guest speaker
  • Critically reflect on the (continued) development of our bachelor’s and master’s programmes
  • Share internships and graduation projects within the alumni community
  • Contribute to student recruitment activities
  • Actively participate in alumni circles
  • Support research and education via the Limburg University Fund

If you are interested in staying involved with your alma mater and sharing ideas about how you can contribute, please contact us at alumni[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl


Help us to promote the UM Abroad

Do you want to share your knowledge and help to enhance Maastricht University’s reputation and future?

Maastricht University (UM) strives to maintain mutually beneficial connections with our alumni. Each year numerous alumni support UM for instance by sharing their experience and knowledge, mentoring and helping current students with their future career or supporting our university in a financial way.

On behalf of our international aspirations, the UM is visiting education fairs worldwide in order to attract new students. At these fairs UM staff and current students would like to team up with our alumni to inspire and encourage young talents to choose for UM. We believe that alumni have a distinctive credibility towards prospective students and the personal interaction with them can make a difference in choosing the UM over another university.

Participating at these fairs enables you to stay in touch with your Alma Mater and have an impact on the recruitment purposes of the university. After all, what’s good for the university is good for you as our alumni. Alum David Valente, (SBE) participated at a Master Education Fair in Warsaw last year, serving as an ambassador. He emphasises: “If I can help others with such important life decisions, I feel satisfied. So I like to show my respect and loyalty to people who always treated me well in Maastricht. It is also about giving back some of my time to help potential students make the right decisions based on my real-life experiences”.

Is there a fair in your area and you would like to spread the good word of UM? Then just sign up and contribute to UM’s future!

Giving to science

By donating to your university you'll give somebody the chance to realise dreams and support your former university indirectly: you stay committed!

You personally contribute to funding groundbreaking research at your university. This enables us to attract the best scientists to Maastricht and gives students the opportunity to study here, regardless of their origin or background.

Watch the video and see how scientists Melissa Siegel, Mark Post, and Rainer Goebel each, in their own way, contribute to a better world.

Giving to science

University Fund Limburg

University Fund Limburg/SWOL supports scientific research and education at Maastricht University. As one of the cornerstones of a better future for generations to come, science deserves that support.

  Go to the website of the University Fund

Together with the UM, the University Fund decides where the money is most needed. The fund supports:

  • Scholarships
  • Research projects
  • Special chair
  • Development of new study programmes
  • Study and research facilities and premises

Mission and Strategy

Maastricht University (UM) is a young university in the heart of Europe, with a distinct global perspective and a strong focus on innovative education and research strategies. We see ourselves first and foremost as an open and inclusive academic community, striving for a good mix between Dutch, European and other international students, and addressing European and global issues in our education and research programmes.

UM's mission and strategy for the future are built on four core values:

  • To be an innovator in education and research by introducing the CORE philosophy at our university;
  • To adopt an inclusive approach and to open our doors to all students and staff who fit with our profile and subscribe to our values;
  • To take our social responsibility seriously by linking the university to society, from the local to the global level;
  • To be a sustainable institution in the broadest sense.

CORE stands for: Collaborative Open Research Education.

  • Collaborative: education and research are best organised in teams rather than individually
  • Open: being open minded and inclusive
  • Research Education is about the integration of research and education

Strategic Programme
UM’s strategy is set out in the Strategic Programme 2017-2021  
You can also check out the short online magazine of the programme.