Universiteit Maastricht

Maastricht University Holding

Maastricht University Holding B.V. (UM Holding) is the corporate venture firm of Maastricht University (UM). The holding controls a portfolio of UM spin-off companies and participations.

Founded in 1992, the primary goal of UM Holding is to support the development and implementation of marketable Maastricht University activities. These activities fall outside the core business of educating students, but are in line with Maastricht University research interests and public duties. UM Holding finds ways to apply knowledge, inventions and discoveries of Maastricht University research to commercial markets: In 2005 the business development tasks were subcontracted to BioMedBooster, a joint venture of UM Holding, azM and LIOF.

Maastricht University encourages entrepreneurship among its employees, scientists and external parties. Thus far, UM has invested in more than 40 companies. Interests in a company are typically sold to a commercial party after 5-7 years. As of 2010, UM Holding includes 19 entrepreneurial companies (6 full subsidiary companies and 13 companies in which it holds a minority share). The Maastricht University Holding is a separate corporate body and it is fully owned by Maastricht University. The current company portfolio of the holding has an annual turnover of € 25 million.