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Application and admission

Please do not forget to check the admission requirements.

Each year, the programme will admit a maximum of 20-25 students to each of the six specialisations. Admission is limited to students with at least a university Bachelor's degree, completed before 1 September 2016.


Application deadlines 2016-2017

Applications will be evaluated and considered in two separate rounds. For details, see Admission procedure.  


14 January 2016 (23.59 CET) First selection round.
Please note: Students intending to apply for a Maastricht University scholarship (for non-EU/EEA students) must take part in the first selection round.
31 March 2016 (23.59 CET) Second selection round.

Please note that we can only process complete applications. Make sure that you have uploaded all required documents and your referees have completed the online forms before the deadline of the selection round you are applying for (either 14 January or 31 March 2016).

Application procedure

Step 1: Apply in Studielink

First of all, you must apply in Studielink the online application tool for higher education in the Netherlands. After completing this step, you can proceed with your application at Maastricht University via the MyUM portal.

PLEASE NOTE: all students with a registered address in the Netherlands and a current Citizen Service Number (so-called BSN) must have their own DigiD code in order to login to Studielink.

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To apply in Studielink, please take the following steps:

  1. Apply for an account in Studielink. You will receive an e-mail with your Studielink login details within minutes.
  2. Login to Studielink, set a personal password, enter your personal data and select ‘new enrolment application’.
  3. Select first the university and then the programme of your choice.The specialisations of the Research Master programme are listed separately in Studielink. This means that you must already have decided on a specialisation when you apply. If you are not sure which specialisation is right for you, please contact Ms. Renée Rijkens (researchmaster-fpn@maastrichtuniversity.nl) for additional information before you proceed with the Studielink application. Please note that Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience is the name of the Research Master's programme. Cognitive Neuroscience is one of the six specialisations. Make sure that you apply for your chosen specialisation.
  4. In the following steps please fill in:
  • University Bachelor's diploma that you have obtained or will obtain;
  • Payment information such as a bank account number from which your tuition fees will be paid. This information can only be changed later via the university (not via Studielink) so please enter a bank account only if you are sure it will be used to pay the fees. If unsure, you can supply these details later - but keep in mind that this is essential for processing your payments and therefore your application and -if admitted- your registration.

    5.   Finish by clicking ‘Send my enrolment application’.


For questions about how to apply in Studielink, please check the Studielink manual.

Step 2: Apply and register via the My UM portal

Once you have submitted your application in Studielink, you will receive an e-mail from Maastricht University containing login details for the MyUM portal, where you can finish your application.

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 Please use Internet Explorer to fill in the application.

Required documents Short description
Transcripts Certified transcripts (in English or Dutch) of university courses followed and marks received.
Students who are still enrolled in the Bachelor's programme must include results of the Fall semester 2015-2016 before their application will be considered.
Bachelor's students of Maastricht University must upload their transcript of records via MyUM/courses/academic work overview. A signature is not required on the transcript
Bachelor’s degree A certified hardcopy (in English or Dutch) of the university bachelor's degree (see requirements). If you haven’t received your Bachelor’s diploma, the English transcript of courses followed and marks received is sufficient.
Note that the bachelor’s degree must be obtained before 1 September 2016
Motivation letter A motivation letter (in English) describing your background and motivation for research training in the chosen specialisation (maximum 500 words)
References Two (academic) references. Ask your referees to fill in the online reference form. Make sure that you give the referees your Maastricht University student ID number.
The completed reference forms will be automatically uploaded in the MyUM portal. Please note that no more than two reference forms will be uploaded and other references will not be considered.
Curriculum Vitae A curriculum vitae (in English)
Proof of English language proficiency Official test results indicating:
- a minimum TOEFL score of 90 (internet-based test, test code 7102),
- a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 (with no component less than 6)
- Cambridge Proficiency test: CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) with grade A, B or C or CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) with grade A, B or C.

*Exceptions: You are considered to be proficient in English and do not need to provide an English language test score if:
- You obtained your secondary school diploma and/or Bachelor's degree in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, USA or South Africa;
- You obtained an International Baccalaureate Diploma or European Baccalaureate Diploma (taught in English);
- You have completed a Bachelor’s programme taught entirely in English at a University in the EU/EEA;
- You have completed a Bachelor's programme at a University in the Netherlands.
Passport picture A passport-size photo (for your UM card)
Passport A photocopy of your passport or EU ID card (must be valid on the programme starting date)


Please note that we can only process complete applications. Make sure that you have uploaded all required documents and your referees have completed the online forms before the deadline of the selection round you are applying for (either 14 January, 23.59 CET or 31 March, 23.59 CET 2016).

Admission procedure

After receipt of all required materials (including the online reference forms), the Board of Admissions of the Research Master will carefully assess your application.
Applications received before 14 January will be assessed as part of the first selection round; applications received between 14 January and 31 March will be assessed in the second selection round. The same procedure and criteria pertain to both rounds. You can only apply for one selection round. Within 2 weeks after the relevant application deadline, you will be notified whether or not you have been selected for the second stage of the admission procedure.

The second stage of the admission procedure entails an individual interview and a 45-minute analytic writing assignment. Interviews with selected candidates will take place in February (first selection round) or in April (second selection round). If you are invited for the interview and you live either in the Netherlands or within a 200 km radius of Maastricht, you will be expected to attend in person. A Skype interview can be arranged if you live further away.

If you have taken part in the second stage of the admission procedure, you will be formally notified within 2-3 weeks of the outcome of the selection procedure.

Please note: if you apply in the first selection round and receive formal notice that you have not been admitted, you are not eligible to apply again in the second selection round.

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More information

If you have questions regarding the application and admission procedure, please send an e-mail to: researchmaster-fpn@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

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