Universiteit Maastricht

Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

Maastricht Brain Imaging Center

The Maastricht Brain Imaging Center (M-BIC) is a research center founded by the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience of Maastricht University. It offers research facilities that were newly established within the Brains Unlimited project, including high (3 Tesla) and ultra-high (7 and 9.4 Tesla) magnetic fields MR scanners. The research core of M-BIC is formed by the Cognitive Neuroscience Department.  

Research at the M-BIC aims at the testing of theories of normal and abnormal neural information processing, with special attention to the plasticity of brain and cognition, and the development of new methods for MR image acquisition and analysis. Members of M-BIC publish regularly in high impact journals on the neural correlates of vision, audition, language, language abnormalities, attention and mental imagery. BrainVoyager, an internationally leading fMRI analysis and visualization software package, is developed by Prof. Rainer Goebel within this group. Research activities are conducted in close collaboration with the Siemens Medical Systems (Erlangen, Germany) and with national and international leading brain imaging centers.