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SME Portal Maastricht University

The SME Portal Maastricht University facilitates the transfer of knowledge between SME's and Maastricht University

As an entrepreneur, you need the best knowledge for answering  your  business related challenges. In case you don’t have the capacity or expertise at your disposal, the SME Portal can be of assistance. The SME Portal will submit your question to the appropriate researcher,  research group or to one of the other affiliated knowledge institutions of Maastricht University. Depending on your issue, the people involved can range from highly experienced senior staff to very eager students or any combination. Examples of collaboration in which our dedicated staff and/or students study your business-related challenges include, workshops,  internships, master’s thesis research,  case assignment, research projects.

Interested in what the SME Portal can do for you or do you already have a specific knowledge question? Please fill in the contact form and you will be contacted as soon as possible.