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prof dr M.J.  Post



vascular biology

skeletal muscle tissue engineering

vascular tissue engineering

Professional Career History

1982    MD                             Utrecht University, Utrecht , The Netherlands

1989    PhD, Pharmacology      Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2004-   various UM management courses


4.         Professional appointments

1984-1985    Instructor in Pharmacology

1989-1997    Senior Investigator at Interuniversity Cardiology Institute of the Netherlands (equivalent to Associate Professor title in USA)

1995-1997      Visiting scientist Harvard Medical School, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

1997-1998      Instructor in Medicine Harvard Medical School

1998-2001    Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

2001-2002    Associate Professor of Medicine and of Physiology, Dartmouth Medical School

2002 -2010   Visiting professor in Medicine and in Physiology, Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA

2002 -2010   Professor of Angiogenesis in Tissue Engineering (HL1) Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2002 - now   Professor of Vascular Physiology and Tissue Engineering (HL2), Maastricht University, The Netherlands

2004 - 2011  Chairman of Physiology Department (HL2), Maastricht University, The Netherlands

2005 - 2010  acting Chairman of Biophysics, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

2006 - 2011  Vice dean BMT, Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2011-2012    acting scientific director CARIM, FHML, Maastricht University

2012-now     Chairman of Physiology Department, Maastricht University


Research Profile

My main interest is Vascular Biology, particularly fundamental processes such as vascular patterning, neovascularization, endothelial and smooth muscle cell function and restenosis. As a translational arm of the research, we develop and test novel biomaterials that are suitable for arterial grafting for bypass surgery of vascular access surgery (AV shunt), providing in situ tissue engineering. The response and in vivo remodelling of these grafts provide great insight into the role of biochemical and biomechanical cues in vascular biology.

In addition, we are engaged into early diagnosis of neovascularization by means of molecular imaging. We have identified 4 novel targets for molecular imaging that we are testing in SPECT imaging of cardiovascular models exhibiting neovascularization.

Therapeutic neovascularization will likely be dependent on effective slow release, local administration of potent biologicals. Drug release polymers are currently tested for that purpose.

Finally, I became involved in a completely different field of tissue engineering: skeletal muscle tissue engineering in order to create cultured consumption meat. This technology offers great opportunities for future meat production if culture efficiency and tissue mimicry can be achieved in a cost-effective manner.


Research Projects

iVALVE (PI). In this consortium we develop and test new materials for arterial grafting. It is a collaboration with TU/e, Suprapolix, SymoChem, Philips, and UMCU. We have developed an electrosensitive polymer that facilitates ingrowth, cell alignment and collagen production. We also test grafts from novel PLC-based materials in a rat aorta interposition or bypass graft model.

PENT (PI). In this consortium together with TU/e, DSM, UMUC and LUMC, we develop and tested novel agent and delivery methods to enhance neovascularization.

TeRM (PI). TeRM is a national consortium of several universities and companies with the aim to develop novel tissue engineering solutions for musculoskeletal and cardiovascular defects. Autologous cells on biomaterials are being used for this purpose. Our group tested grafts in large and small animal models of interposition grafts and AV shunts. In addition, we developed novel assays for thrombogenicity of endothelial layers and on-line non-destructive collagen synthesis. Smooth muscle cell thrombogenicity and smooth muscle cell relaxation in the setting of uremia are also being investigated

EMINENCE (coordinator/PI). This is also a national consortium focussing on early diagnosis of neovascularization using sophisticated MRI acquisition and image analysis, but also novel molecular targets and visualization with SPECT.

The Hamburger project is a philantropy financed program which aims to develop consumption meat from bovine skeletal muscle stem cells. In the spring of 2013 we plan to present the world's first labgrown hamburger.



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