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Visa Office

If you are a national of a country other than those within the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you need an entrance visa and/or residence permit to live in the Netherlands for more than three months. The application for this entrance visa and/or residence permit is done by the Visa Office of Maastricht University after you have been (provisionally) admitted. Depending on your nationality, you may also have to do a tuberculosis test. Nationals from an EU-member state or Switzerland may voluntarily register their residence in the Netherlands.

After their arrival, all foreign students need to register in the municipal register of the city where they are going to live.

For more information on entrance visas, residence permits and other related procedures, visit the web pages of our Visa Office.

If you have any questions about residence permits or visas, you can e-mail the Visa Office at visa@maastrichtuniversity.nl