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Maastricht medical education in Saudi Arabia

8 January 2009

The medical faculty of Maastricht University/Maastricht UMC+ will franchise its education curriculum to a university soon to be built in Saudi Arabia. The wealthy Al-Rajhi family is taking the initiative to establish a new medical university based on the model of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. It will be the first time that a Dutch education curriculum of this scale is ‘sold’ to a non-European partner. The partnership contract has been signed in Maastricht on Thursday 18 December.

The new university will be located in Bukayriah, in the Al Qassim province, and will initially educate 500 medical students. These will be followed later by another 500 medical and 1000 health and life sciences students. The programme will start on 1 September 2010. Al-Rahji University staff will come to Maastricht in the coming 11 years to learn to teach medicine Maastricht-style, including the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) methodology. Maastricht University/Maastricht UMC+ will periodically monitor the quality of the Al-Rahji programme.

PBL, together with the excellent reputation of the Maastricht curriculum, was the main reason for the Al-Rahji family to opt for collaboration with Maastricht University/Maastricht UMC+.

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