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EleUM, Maastricht University’s electronic learning environment, offers a collection of information and tools for students as well as teaching and support staff. The information offered depends on the role of the person logging on.

  • Students can access their own course materials, for example readers, PowerPoint presentations, assignments, exams and various means of communication such as announcements, group discussions and their university email accounts.
  • Students and teaching staff can access the electronic library, the Content System (with individual and group storage possibilities), the student registration system and many other information sources.
  • For each of their courses, students can find similar materials and facilities in the ‘Organization’ sections. These resources are specifically designed for use in tutorials.
  • The faculties have also designed organizations with community functions, offering information and tools for all their bachelor's students, for example.
    Maintained by the education offices (organization) and teaching staff (content), these are primary education functionalities.
  • Students and staff can also request specific organizations in EleUM which they maintain themselves. Thus, there are organizations for researchers, interfaculty work groups and student groups on university-related and other topics and activities.

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