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Cost of living

Getting an education costs money. On average €1100 per month. You will have expenses that are directly related to your studies. For example: tuition fees, study books, and other related materials. But living the life of a student costs money as well: housing, groceries, insurance and leisure activities. All fixed costs.
Your expenses will of course depend on your lifestyle. It is therefore impossible to determine the exact costs. However, to give you an idea, we have established a rough estimate ofthe average student spends per month. Please remember to take additional expenses into account, such as membership fees of student societies, fees for your mobile phone,  internet and tv.

Cost category Estimate of average monthly costs €
Tuition fees 160
Rent, incl. gas, water and electricity 350
Groceries 150
Books and materials 30 (this amount varies depending on your degree programme)
Insurances 110
Internet/TV 40
Clothing and personal care 60
Leisure expenses 100

As you can see, studying and living on your own costs around €1000 per month. A large sum. Your student finance problably won’t be sufficient. Many students have a part time job to supplement their income. Please note there is a maximum amount you earn per year. When you earn more, you get less study financing. How this works is explained on the DUO website.

More information about study costs and costs of living, you can find on the website of the NIBUD (available only in Dutch). The NIBUD is an independent organisation who informs and advises on the budgets of households. You can also make an individual financial study plan on their website (available only in Dutch).

Information about the housing offer in Maastricht, you can find on the website of Maastrichthousing