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Four tuition fees

Maastricht University currently has two different tuition fee rates: a statutory and an institutional rate. Starting from the academic year 2013/14, the institutional rate will be divided into three categories; namely, a low, high and top fee.

The statutory rate will continue to have a single fee for all programmes. This fee is increased by law each year, which is which is €1906 for the academic year 2014/15 and €1951 for the academic year 2015/16.

NB: Different fees apply for the Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences of the University College Maastricht and for the MA Forensic Psychology.

Why four different fees?

Studying costs money. In the Netherlands, the costs of education are covered partly by students in the form of tuition fees, and partly by government contributions. Due to recent legislative changes, Dutch universities now only receive a government contribution for students who meet a number of requirements. These include your nationality and whether you are following your first or second study programme.

However, your education costs as much as that of a subsidised student, for whom the government is paying a contribution. This means the university faces a shortfall. To guarantee the quality of the education on offer, this shortfall needs to be recouped. To this end, the present institutional fee is no longer sufficient for a number of study programmes. As some programmes require more investment from the university than others, the new tuition fees are differentiated in a proportional manner into the following four categories:

  1. Statutory fee
  2. Low institutional fee
  3. High institutional fee
  4. Top institutional fee

The new institutional fees are based on the government contribution that the university receives for each subsidised student. The top institutional fee (for the study programmes Medicine and Physician-Clinical Investigator) is based on the comprehensive cost for these medical programmes.

How much are the new institutional fees?

Please note: The fees indicated below apply only to students who do not meet the following requirements: nationality, first or second study programme. If you follow more than one programme, you will pay the corresponding institutional tuition fee per selected programme.

Students who do meet these requirements pay the statutory fee, which is €1906 for the academic year 2014/15 and €1951 for the academic year 2015/16. This fee is increased by law each year.

Different fees apply for the Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences of the University College Maastricht and the Master Forensic Psychology.


Institutional fees 2014–16

Low High Top
bachelor master bachelor master bachelor/master
2014/15 €8.500 €13.500 €10.000 €14.500 €32.000
2015/16 €8.500 €14.000 €10.500 €16.000 €32.000

Please follow the links below to see which category your programme falls into:

When in doubt: call us!

If you are unsure about the tuition fees you need to pay or have any other questions, feel free to contact the Student Services Centre