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Step 2: Upload documents

Within 24 hours of registering via Studielink, you will receive an email with your login details for the My UM portal. This is Maastricht University’s (UM) intranet, which prospective and current students use for all university-related administration (uploading documents, viewing timetables, registering for exams, applying for graduation, etc.).

To upload your documents, you will need a digital version of your passport or (if you are an EU/EEA national) ID card, a copy of your diploma or latest grades transcript, and a recent passport picture.

For proper function of the MyUM portal we recommend Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 11 with compatibility mode. Other browsers may cause connection problems.

Please follow the steps below to finalise your registration.

1. Log in to the My UM portal using your personal student number/ID and your password. You can find these in the email you received from us.

2. Click on the button ‘Upload documents’ in the menu on the left. The ticks indicate whether the documents have uploaded successfully. You must upload the following documents:

  1. A copy of your diploma and/or grades transcript
    - If you have already received your diploma, please upload a copy of the diploma and the accompanying grades transcript
    - If you have not yet received your diploma, please upload a copy of your latest grades transcript.
    Please note: Are you from the UK or Ireland? Please check our webpage "Diploma statement for UK and Irish students".
  2. A copy of your passport/ID card
    You must save the copy of your passport or (if you are an EU/EEA national) ID card as a passport copy and not as a passport picture.
  3. A passport picture in jpeg/jpg format
    The passport picture must meet certain requirements.

    Some programmes have additional subject requirements and/or language requirements. If these apply to you, you will also need to upload the following documents:

  4. A certificate from the relevant language exam (NT2, TOEFL or IELTS), if you have already have it
    To find out whether your programme is subject to a language requirement, see ‘Language requirements for bachelor’s programmes’.
  5. A translation of your diploma and/or grades transcript if the originals are not in Dutch, English, German or French
  6. Certificates for any other additional required courses.

3. Close the screen or log out.

Technical guidelines for uploading documents

  • Permitted formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpg and .jpeg
  • Maximum size: 10 MB per document

More information?

Do you have questions about using the My UM Portal? There’s a good chance you can find the answer in our frequently asked questions. Prefer personal contact? Feel free to call the Student Services Centre on +31(0)43 388 5388, email study@maastrichtuniversity.nl, or drop by in person at Bonnefantenstraat 2, Maastricht.