Universiteit Maastricht

University College Maastricht

The Academic Community

Your university experience should be about more than professional training. It should stimulate an interest in knowledge, a love of critical debate and a fondness for argument. In short, it should be a way of life, where students and staff participate in an intellectual community. University College Maastricht endeavors to create such an intellectual community by providing a learning environment that fosters your desire to learn.

Another way of ensuring an academic community is keeping classes small. The College enrolls a limited number of students so that they get to know each other quickly. In addition, the staff actually know who you are, as there are no anonymous mass lectures or absent professors. At UCM students are active participants in the intellectual community of the college.

Student involvement at UCM
As the College community is small and intimate, it is easy for students to become familiar with fellow students. With small classes and accessible staff it is also easy for students to contribute to the improvement of the quality of teaching at UCM. Apart from such informal influence, students are eligible to participate in a number of bodies that channel student wishes and opinions about the College. For example, the board of studies advises management on the quality and content of the programme. The student council, which is elected by all students, deals with all affairs relevant to students. There are also student representatives in the management team of the College. The college appreciates the contribution of its students and holds the development of the programme to be a joint responsibility.

Universalis contributes to both academic and social life at UCM. The association is involved in the organization of debates, poetry readings or movie nights. Additionally, Universalis organizes parties, either in one of the many cafes in Maastricht or in our own common room. Such parties have ranged from dragging a stereo into the common room and gathering up people to help finish the contents of the fridge to full blown Halloween parties.

Universalis also publishes a periodical called “The Newsflash” and compiles a Year Book giving a creative impression of the year. At the start of the academic year, Universalis organizes introduction activities for new students. Members of Universalis also have the opportunity to buy their books at discount prices.

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