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UCM Course catalogue

The UCM Course Catalogue is a guide with essential information on the courses offered at University College Maastricht in the Academic Year 2015-2016. The Course descriptions can be found in the menu on the left or in a pdf version.

The courses at UCM are taught at three different levels, which indicate an increasing level of complexity:

1000 level: Introductory (no prior knowledge required).
2000 level: Intermediate (possible course prerequisites).
3000 level: Advanced (course prerequisites, such as having completed another course in a particular field beforehand).

Courses are listed with a course title and a course code. The course code refers to the part of the College programme to which a course belongs and to the level of the course.

Every course stands for 5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), except Skills which stand for 2.5 ECTS each and the UCM Capstone which stands for 10 ECTS. A full study load includes 30 ECTS per semester and 60 ECTS per academic year. Each semester comprises 4 courses, 2 skills, and 1 project.

Prerequisites and recommendations

A number of course descriptions include prerequisites or recommendations.

Prerequisites mean that you must have taken certain courses before joining a course of your choice. Courses that are recommended are not mandatory. They are suggested by the coordinator and may add to your performance while doing the course of your choice. For several courses within the Sciences, the prerequisites might be related to your secondary school or previous education. In the menu on the left you will find a checklist for these requirements.