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Dr. P. Peters (Peter)


Assistant professor

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  • Arts and Social Sciences, Philosophy

Phone number: +31 43 388 3453

Location: B1.16 - Grote Gracht 90-92

Dr. P.  Peters


Peter Frank Peters (1960) graduated as Sociologist at Groningen University (Philosophical Sociology, with Musicology as BA Minor). He published Eeuwige Jeugd: Een halve eeuw Stichting Gaudeamus (Donemus,1995), a history of post-war contemporary music in the Netherlands, and Time, Innovation and Mobilities (Routledge, 2006), in which he combines insights from social theory and science and technology studies to analyze cultures of travel. Since 2006, he is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Mobilities (Sage). In 2008 he was appointed as professor in the research centre Autonomy and the public sphere in the Arts of the arts faculties of Zuyd University, Maastricht. In his inaugural address, he critically considers the discourse on artistic research. His current research topics are artistic research, new aesthetic spaces, site-specific art as context for engaged research, and art in relation to mobile worlds.

Professional Career History

Dr. Peter Frank Peters (1960, Amsterdam) is assistant professor at the Faculty of Arts & Culture of the University of Maastricht. He has published on music, time, mobility and travel in technological cultures. His research is concerned with the debates on public problems related to mobility and the assessment of innovations that are suggested to solve these problems. He also has conducted numerous contract research projects on mobility related issues, both for the Dutch government and the European Union. He is teaching social theory and science- and technology studies in the Liberal Arts curriculum in the European Studies curriculum of the Faculty of Arts & Culture.

Official Publications

Most recent publications:

Of Words and Wood. Reflections on the dualism of theory and practice in the arts

Peters, P.F., 2014, Deventer, Honours Programme ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de kunsten.

Reizigers in een netwerksamenleving

Peters, P.F., 2014, Utrecht, I&M Leergangen / Ministerie van Infrastructuur & Milieu.

Achter de schermen. Hoe heeft ethiek te maken met verkeers- en vervoeronderzoek?

Peters, P.F., 2014, Eindhoven, Keynote speech Colloquium Verkeerskundig Speurwerk.

Time and the contemporary in art

Peters, P.F., 2014, Time & Society, 23, 277-280.



Coordinator of the Artistic Research Track in the master's program Cultuur- en Wetenschapsstudies / Arts and Culture (AC)

MA Thesis supervision Arts and Culture, Arts and Heritage, CAST


Course Coordinator of the third year course Culture and Identity in a Globalizing Europe in the European Studies program

Coordinator of the MARBLE-project 'Theatre at the Border. An Artistic Research Project'

Tutor in a number of courses in Cultuurwetenschappen and European Studies

Member of course planning group CW/AC ("Network Society") 

Supervision of BA papers in the CW/AC and European Studies