Universiteit Maastricht

Recent activities UM Campus Brussels

Events 2015
Date Event Organiser Faculty
January 9 YERUN meeting Prof. dr. Martin Paul Maastricht University
January 22 UM Star Lecture Maastricht University Maastricht University
January 23 Coaching on Lobbying Techniques and Strategies in Secondary Legislation PACT External
January 28 UM Campus Brussels New Year's drink UM Campus Brussels UM Campus Brussels
January 30 IABC Workshop Ms Ilze Raath External
February 10 YERUN Meeting Prof. Dr. Martin Paul Maastricht University
February 11 Limburgborrel Dutch Network Brussels External
February 12 Technopolis Group meeting Asel Doranova UM Alumni
February 16 Evening meeting University of Lille External
February 23 - 24 Conference on Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations Prof. F. Coomans & Ms U. Hausmann UM FoL & FIAN Germany
February 25 Meeting for H2020 project DiATP (CARIM/CAPHRI) Pieter Dagnelie EPID
February 27 Invitation to Dissemination Conference of PEGASUS Project Prof. C. Neuhold FASoS
March 6 Courts, Privacy and Data Protection in the Digital Environment Dr. M. Brkan & Dr. E. Psychogiopoulou FoL
March 16 EAPM Meeting Mr. D. Horgan External
March 18 Maastricht University Information Evening Country team Belgium & UM Campus Brussels
March 18 Board Meeting UM Campus Brussels
March 19 Technopolis Group meeting Ms. A. Doranova UM Alumni
March 24 Montessori Lyceum Visit External
March 26 Part-time PhD info session Prof. E. Muir and Prof. T. Christiansen FASoS & FoL
March 27 Prof. T. Christiansen and Dr. E. Muir Meeting Prof. T. Christiansen and Dr. E. Muir FASoS & FoL
March 27 INTEGRATE Management Meeting Mr. J. Watson FHML
March 27 Part-time PhD Info Session Prof. E. Muir and prof. T. Christiansen FASoS & FoL
March 29 - 30 ASPHER Board Meeting Mr. R. Otok External


Events 2014
Date Event Organizer Faculty
December 15-17 Conference: Technologies for Development Dr. A. Khandekar FASoS
December 11-12 Workshop: Authority in International Oranizations Dr. H. Dijkstra & Prof. T. Conzelmann FASoS
December 10 EAPM Meeting EAPM External
December 9 RADOX Midterm Review Meeting Prof. U. Schotten FHML
December 8 EIPA Seminar: Delegated and Implementing Acts: Practical Challenges and Legal/Institutional Insights EIPA External
December 5 Kick-off meeting PACO Project Dr. A. Surrallés & KU Leuven FASoS
December 4-5 4-5 December: Three events organized by Prof. Chris Backes and Dr. Mariolina Eliantonio from the Law Faculty Prof. C. Backes & Dr. M. Eliantonio Faculty of Law
December 4 UM Campus Brussels Board meeeting UM Campus Brussels UM Campus Brussels
December 3 EU Course Wageningen University External
December 2 Meeting GS College GS College External
November 25 Alumni Drink Paul Engelen Alumni Circle Brussels
November 21 Coaching on Lobbying Techniques and Strategies in Secondary Legislation PACT External
November 20 Workshop: How do I present myself? Van der Kolk Coaching & Corine Styling External
November 18 Guest Lecture for MA European Studies UM Campus Brussels FASoS
November 17 Study trip Mr. Tom van Veen FASoS
November 17 Master European Studies Speed-Networking Session Dr. Petar Petrov FASoS
November 14-15 Masterclass: “The Value of Social Entrepreneurship” Mr. Mark Bertrand External
November 13-14 Workshop: Governance of the European Banking Union Dr. Aneta Spendzharova FASoS
November 13 Post Academic Course: New EU Lobbying Prof. C. Neuhold & PACT & Gibbels Public Affairs External
November 4 Master European Public Affairs Speed-Networking Session Prof. Karolina Pomorska FASoS
November 1 Visit Delegation Committee UNSA Maastricht UNSA External
October 29 Info Session 'The Value of Social Entrepreneurship' Mr. Mark Bertrand External
October 27 Workshop: Effective Business Writing for Non-native English Speakers IABC External
October 20-21 Workshop: Proceduralisation of EU Law through the backdoor Dr. Elise Muir & Dr. Mariolina Eliantoni FL
October 14 Workshop: Lobbying New Comitology Prof. Neuhold & PACT Public Affairs FASOS
October 9 Maastricht International Pricing Summit 2014 Dr. Ramon Dwarkasing FL
October 8 ESOMAR Fact-finding Meeting Mr. Kim Smouter External
October 6-7 Leadership Course for Public Health in Europe Robert Otok FHML
October 3 External Advisory Board Ms. Julienne Erckens FASOS
September 23 Conference on the European Parliament in external trade and investment policy: "Five years after the Lisbon Treaty" Dr. Dalindyebo Shabalala FL
September 19 Introduction to the European Commission Central Library Dr. Elise Muir Part-time PhD
September 18 Workshop "How do I present myself? " Van der Kolk Coaching & Corine Styling External
September 15 UM Campus Board Meeting UM Campus Brussels UM Campus Brussels
September 8-10 EAPM Mr. Denis Horgan External
September 5 IABC: Stories at Work: Using Stories to Influence Change IABC External
September 3 Meeting European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Mr. Denis Horgan External
July 10-11 Workshop Prof. Dr.Conzelmann FASOS
July 10 YRA (Young Researchers Academy) UM Campus Brussels & YRA
July 8-9 EAPM Meeting Denis Horgan External
July 8 Training on Branding Communications IABC External
July 3 Alumni Event with Professor Mark Post Alumni Office UM Alumni Office
July 1 Summer Networking Drinks IABC External
July 1 Meeting PhD Programme European Studies Dr. Elise Muir FL
June 26-27 Workshop on Water Services Dr. Leila Choukroune FL
June 25 Info Session Part-time PhD Programme in Law Dr. Elise Muir FL
June 24 Project Meeting Dr. Sophie Vanhonacker FASOS
June 23-27 Summer school on the Law of EU External Relations Dr. Andrea Ott & CLEER FL
June 20 Meeting MARBLE Dr. Bram Akkermans FL
June 20 LEPHIE Course Dr. Katarzyna Czabanowska FHML
June 19 Visit municipality Maastricht
June 13 Meeting Dr. Elise Muir FL
June 13 Meeting "Vibrant Europe Forum" Dr. Jo Ritzen UNU MERIT
June 11-12 POSADEM Workshop FPN
June 11 EAPM Meeting Denis Horgan External
June 6 Workshop:'The Externalisation of EU Administrative Law: Finding its place in the global administrative space' Dr. Andrea Ott FL
June 5 European Center Public Affairs 2.0 External
May 27 Meeting European Alliance for Personalised Medicine
May 22 PEGASUS/PRIME Conference 'Setting up a joint PhD programme in European Studies'
May 16 LEPHIE Leadership course for Public Health in Europe
May 14 Spring Networking Drink UM Campus Brussels UM Campus Brussesl
May 12-13 Expert panel on the future of European EMS, organized by Prof. Thomas Krafft Prof. Thomas Krafft FHML
May 9 Meeting European Alliance for Personalised Medicine
May 8 Consortium meeting to adress Horizon 2020 Health Call FHML
May 7 Visit KWR Watercycle Research Institute
April 28 Debate Watching Party EU Elections UM Campus Brussels UM Campus Brussels
April 25 Maastricht University Faculty of Law Honours Programme Masterclass FL
April 15-16 Student visit MA European Studies FASoS
April 14 LEPHIE Leadership course for Public Health in Europe FHML
April 9-13 Student Forum Maastricht 2014 SFM External
April 8 IABC Workshop IABC External
April 3 UM Alumni Event UM Alumni Office Alumni Office
April 2-3 Workshop China Security Cooperation EUSC External
April 2 Department of Health Services Research Event FHML
March 28 Meeting Prof. Ellen Vos FL
March 26 Visit Communicatie Netwerk Limburg
March 20 Workshop Dr. Giselle Bosse FASoS
March 18 European Council on Refugees and Exiles
March 10-14 Study visit George Mason University, Arlington Virginia External
March 6-7 OPAL Event
March 6 IGIR - WTI Brussels Dialogue - The WTO and Megaregionalism
February 26 Meeting EAPM EAPM External
February 24 Visit by researchers from Faculty of Law, Department of Criminal Law and Criminology on the project Young Suspects FL
February 20 Visit organized by the Top Management Foundation
February 14 Board Meeting UM Campus Brussels UM Campus Brussels
February 7-9 UNSA Maastricht Permanent Delegation Training Weekend UNSA External
February 4 Kick Off 2014 Drink UM Campus Brussels UM Campus Brussels
January 29 EAPM visit EAPM EAPM
January 28 IABC Presentation: EP Elections communications campaign "Act, React, Impact IABC External
January 28 Study Visit Prof. Charles Van Leeuwen
January 23 Projectmeeting Prof. Wachelder
January 18 Meeting Prof. Temel
January 16 Visit students MSc European Studies, with Prof. Vanhoonacker Prof. Vanhoonacker FASoS
January 15 Meeting Prof. Michelsen department of International Health Prof. Michelsen
January 10 Visit ELSA Maastricht, on Media Law ELSA External



  1. December 19: UM Campus Brussels Board Meeting
  2. December 15: European Public Affairs research group
  3. December 13-14: ELSA BENELUX-meeting, hosted by ELSA Maastricht
  4. December 12: Training by Van der Kolk Career Counseling & Coaching and Corine Styling
  5. December 12: Seminar Prof. Vink
  6. December 10: UM Campus Brussels December Drink
  7. December 9-10: EIPA Seminar
  8. December 3: Webinar Department of International Health
  9. December 2-3: Workshop on Delegated and Implementing Acts, in association with PACT
  10. November 26-27: Interactive Seminar/workshop on The Lisbon Treaty: Reshaping European Lobbying in collaboration with PACT/Gibbels Public Affairs
  11. November 26: Visit Maastricht Health Campus
  12. November 21-22: Gemeente Heerlen, Remining Lowex
  13. November 20: Alumni Event, Maastricht University Alumni Circle Brussels
  14. November 18: Maastricht University Department of International Health Group Meeting on Urbanization and Health
  15. November 14: Visit of the University of Stirling
  16. November 13: Research meeting
  17. November 13-16: ASPHER European Public Health Conference
  18. November 8-10: Maastricht Graduate School of Governance research group at UM Campus Brussels
  19. November 7: Visit Maastricht School of Business and Economics, by Prof. Dr. A.P. Van Veen
  20. November 6: Visit Maastricht Study Association 'Concordantia' and JEF Maastricht
  21. November 4: Policy Meeting on the Detention of Asylum Seekers
  22. October 29: Meeting Prof. Pieter Dagnelie
  23. October 28: Seminar Dr. Maarten Vink
  24. October 25: Seminar Dr. Maarten Vink
  25. October 18-20: Alumni European Movement training weekend
  26. October 16-17: Meeting European FP7 ITN Project RADOX
  27. October 10: The Maastricht International Transfer Pricing Summit
  28. September 24-25: Meeting Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
  29. September 24: Interviews PhD-candidates in European Studies
  30. September 16: Workshop on Clinical Trials and Data Transparency
  31. September 5-6: ASPHER Board meeting
  32. August 29: Visit Summerschool CESL
  33. July 11: Brainstorm session on Smart Grids organized by Alliander NV
  34. July 8: Technopolis Group Belgium
  35. July 4 -5: Consortium Meeting POLL FREE
  36. June 24 - 28: Summerschool on EU External relations, Legal Aspects in association with CLEER and ASSER
  37. 21 June 21: Workshop on INCOOP (Inter-Institutional Cooperation in the EU) FaSoS
  38. 20 June: Interprofessional Seminar on the proper payment of high public officials by Teun Dekker
  39. 19 June: Maastricht University and the University of Bern for an interesting panel discussion on TTIP
  40. 19 June: Part-Time PhD Info session on European, International and Comparative Law
  41. 13 June: Alumni Circle Brussels Networking Event
  42. 6 June: Maastricht European Law School- MARBLE for Excellence student-conference
  43. 31 May: Advanced Training : The Lisbon Treaty reshaping European Lobbying
  44. 29 May Breakfast discussion with Dan Hamilton in collaboration with the US Mission to the European Union
  45. 12 & 13 April: Prof. dr. AW Heringa Conference
  46. 21 March: Leadership for Public Health A vision for the future / Public Health Conference
  47. 13 March: Lecture MA European Studies
  48. 28 February: Lecture Fixing Europe one (quick) step at a time
  49. 4 February: Part-time PhD Information Session (Law)
  50. 29 January: -International Health Project on the World Health
  51. 22 January: NIVEL Steering Committee APRES Project
  52. 18 January: Cost Bio Object
  53. 8 January: FP7 CardiLife consortium meeting