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New website and My UM portal launch

On 23 April, the new university-wide website will go online. At the same time, the ‘My UM portal’ intranet will be made available to all students and staff. The launch represents the first step towards a fully integrated work and communication environment.

At a later stage, external relations will also be able to use the portal. In a few months, alumni will be the first of these external relations with their own separate web community. In the long term, others – such as prospective students or research partners – will be able to visit the portal as well.

The new website is university wide. Eventually, all organisational units (including departments and research institutes) will make use of the WebManager content management system (CMS) with which the new website was built. The inclusion of these units at the launch proved unfeasible.

For the time being, the new website will offer general information at university and faculty levels. In addition, new, detailed descriptions of the bachelor’s and master’s programmes have been added. This will be followed by the gradual migration of the web content of the departments and research institutes. Information belonging to groups that are not yet migrated will remain available via links on the new website. All units will be informed well in advance when they should start preparing for the migration.

The migration of the units will mark the end of the different websites maintained within the university. This will lead to lower costs in maintenance and management. In addition, identical information can be re-used on various webpages, thus reducing editing work and conflicting information. Through consistent application of its house style, the university will project a uniform image. This will increase mutual brand recognition and awareness between the university and its various units. The use of one CMS will also make it easier to offer standard training courses for staff working with the website.

My UM portal
The university-wide intranet (My UM portal) will be made operational alongside the website. Essentially a technical framework, the portal (SAP Netweaver) can offer many different IT functionalities, systems and applications relevant to your work or studies. The intranet information, which is also managed using the WebManager CMS, will be the first functionality offered via the portal. Numerous other functionalities and systems will follow (e.g. the various SAP systems currently in use at the university).

In the future, the portal will be more than just a communication environment. It will also be the digital work environment of all Maastricht University staff and students. A desktop (‘My Work’ for staff and ‘My Study’ for students) will provide access to your personal email account, the internet, a digital ‘who’s who’ directory, a personnel dossier, a digital study guide, a study results overview, a digital archive and a large variety of university-wide systems and functionalities. Though we are still some time and projects away from everyone being able to use this digital environment, the launch of the website and My UM portal marks the first major step towards this goal.

Next steps
After the website and the My UM portal go live, the general university and faculty information will be completed and refined. Once this general information is in order, the departments and research institutes will be approached step by step to adjust their existing websites and migrate to the WebManager CMS, supported by web organisation staff. In the meantime, all current websites operating outside WebManager will remain accessible.

Soon after the website and portal launch, the portal will be extended with SAP Student Lifecycle Management (SAP SLM). This new system (used by the MUSL project) will follow students from registration to graduation. It will allow designated staff to directly access all registration data, and students to consult their My UM portal online to view their study results as well as find information on and register for courses.

Organisation and questions
From 23 April, the My UM portal will offer further information on the new website. If you have urgent questions before then, please contact the web coordinator for your faculty or service centre (see the overview below). The web coordinators can consult with the central teams for web functionalities or web editing. External visitors who have questions when visiting the new website after its launch can contact the ICTS Service Desk.

FEBA:  Nick Sutton / Frans Bijkerk

FASoS: Surya Gierman

FL: Maarten Simonis

FPN: Bas Cuijpers

FHML: Mirjam Prevoo / Janet Bronneberg

FHS: Ton Derix

UM holding: Georgia Kalivas

Maastricht University Office: Pascal de Roos
Accounting services: Michiel Reijnders

Student Service Center: Marlies Haenen

University Library: Susanne Snijders

General and Technical Services: Wim van Gruisen

ICT Services: Harry Pasmans

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