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Appointment, extension of a fixed-term

Fixed-term appointments legally (i.e. automatically) terminate on the agreed expiry date. According to the cao-NU (Collective Labour Agreement of the Dutch Universities), Maastricht University must notify the employee at least one month prior to the expiry date about the forthcoming termination of the appointment. You can request a compensation if you do not receive this notification timely.

If the appointment is financed by other parties than Maastricht University (external funding), it is not always possible to provide clarity on the matter that early. In such cases Maastricht University will generally, by way of precaution, inform the employee of the termination of his/her appointment, even if negotiations on continuation of funding are still in progress. If funding is continued, the appointment may then be extended. The special regulations for extending an appointment can be found on appointment for indefinite period of time or fixed term.

More information on the website of VSNU, cao Dutch Universities.

Last updated: 13-08-2015 

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