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Maastricht University wants to start bachelor's programme in Venlo in 2014

Press release 19 November 2013

Maastricht University will start a new, broad bachelor's programme in Venlo; provisionally under the working name University College Venlo (UCV). In the Performance Agreements 2013-2016 between Maastricht University and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the development of research, education and commerce in the Venlo region was one of the spearheads for the coming years. The development of the broad bachelor's programme is one of the key points of these agreements.

The Venlo region is very strong in the areas of agro-food, logistics and services innovation. Commerce in these areas is increasingly dependent on a strong knowledge infrastructure. The bachelor's programme that Maastricht University wants to start in Venlo and the scientific research to be set up around this will make an important contribution to strengthening the region's knowledge infrastructure. To ensure that this infrastructure makes an impact, collaboration is being sought with industry, government bodies and other knowledge institutions in the region.

University College Venlo will offer a bachelor's programme with a wide range of modules. However, it will have a particular focus on the life sciences on the one hand and the social sciences on the other, especially economics/business studies, psychology and law. The programme will therefore optimally match the master's programmes in the area of nutrition and logistics that are already provided by Maastricht University in Venlo. At a later stage the aim is to provide postgraduate programmes in the area of services, and especially smart services, as well. The bachelor's programme will be set up such that it connects with the postgraduate programmes in these areas while at the same time enabling students to progress to other master's programmes at Maastricht University or elsewhere. The programme will be given entirely in English will therefore be able to attract large numbers of foreign students as well. In seven years time about 1000 students are expected to study at the Maastricht University campus in Venlo.

University College Venlo will offer a bachelor's programme with an open curriculum built on problem-based learning in collaboration with universities of applied sciences and regional commerce. It will be organised as a Liberal Arts College with an international academic community.

The Performance Agreements with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science have been further translated at the regional level into the ten-year investment programme Knowledge Axis Limburg, in which the Province of Limburg, municipalities, knowledge institutions and industry have stated priorities for the region. The broad bachelor's programme in Venlo occupies a prominent position in the Knowledge Axis document.

Maastricht University has requested permission from the Committee on Effective Higher Education (CDHO) to set up University College Venlo as a so-called ‘satellite campus’ of its very successful Liberal Arts and Sciences programme at University College Maastricht. If the CDHO agrees to this then the new programme can start in September 2014.

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