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University College Maastricht #1 college in the Netherlands

5 December 2011

According to the Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs ranking 2012 University College Maastricht (UCM) is the best College in the Netherlands. The Dutch University Guide is issued annually by an independent editorial staff of the Information Centre for Higher Education (CHOI) as a guide for prospective students. The ranking lists of the Dutch University Guide 2012 are compiled based on the opinion of experts and students on the programmes, lecturers, facilities and more. With a score of 86 UCM was the best ranked program of Maastricht University.


This is the first year that University College Maastricht (UCM) takes the top position in the ranking list of university colleges. Last year Maastricht took fourth position. This year’s score of 8.6 leaves UCM’s competition far behind. Experts especially praise the high standard at graduation of UCM’s students, who in turn are satisfied on all levels.

Harm Hospers, Dean of UCM: ‘We are particularly delighted with this splendid result. Our first position ranking is due to the exceptional efforts and dedication of the UCM staff and the lecturers of the other faculties.’

Below is an overview of the final scores of all the Colleges.

University Colleges / Liberal Arts & Sciences
College Score
University College Maastricht 86
Roosevelt Academy 78
Leiden University College The Hague 76
University College Utrecht 76
Tilburg 68
Amsterdam University College 62

The complete Dutch University Guide (Keuzegids) 2012 can be ordered in print or can be consulted online for a fee through www.keuzegids.nl.

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