Universiteit Maastricht

Student introduction week (INKOM)

INKOM parade during the introduction days of Maastricht University

Orientation week for master’s students
If you start your master’s programme at Maastricht University in September, you will be invited to participate in the student-led orientation programme in August. The programme consists of a general orientation week (INKOM) followed by an introduction to the faculty.

During INKOM, you will be introduced to Maastricht and to various aspects of student life here. This will provide you with an ideal opportunity to get your bearings and to make new friends. Representatives from many social, sports and student associations in Maastricht will introduce themselves to you during the event. You will also receive support and guidance from your mentor, a UM master’s student who will be with you during the orientation week and answer any questions you might have.

INKOM organises a wide range of student activities and most are for both bachelor’s and master’s students. However, some activities are particularly geared towards master’s students. These include the Wednesday night programme with a dinner in St. John’s Church (Sint Janskerk), a comedy night and a Dutch night. For further information please visit the INKOM website.

Faculty orientation
The faculty orientation is an introduction to studying at your faculty. During the orientation, you will meet your fellow students and be provided with information about the faculty organisation, the building in which you will be studying, the teaching system, etc. You will also receive materials that you will need for your study, such as course manuals, schedules and a study guide.