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RSS Feeds

Maastricht University (UM) provides RSS feeds as an easy way to stay on top of news from UM. Subscribe to on of our feeds and every time our pages are updated, you will be notified.


What is RSS?

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is an easy way to automatically keep track of your favourite websites. Visitors do not have to surf to individual web pages to see updated information. Rather, they can subscribe to RSS feeds and see updates to multiple websites from one location, usually an RSS feed-reader.

How do I use RSS?

In order to use RSS feeds, you need access to an RSS feed-reader. A feed-reader is simply a webpage that displays the contents of selected RSS feeds. Users must 'subscribe' to the RSS feed using the feeder's built-in functionality, or by 'inserting' the feed URL from the top of the RSS page into the feed-reader.

Certain internet browsers, including Firefox, Chrome and Opera, have RSS functionally built in. Older versions of IE may not.

Where can I find an RSS feed-reader?

There are many different RSS feed-readers available, both online and offline. Among the most popular online are Google Reader, My Yahoo, and Bloglines. You can also download desktop feed-readers that allow you to retain your data and organise it.

How do I subscribe to the Maastricht University RSS feeds?

UM RSS feed URLs are displayed below. Simply copy the URL and past it manually into your RSS feed reader.

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Press Releases, Dutch

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Press Releases, English 

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Research News, Dutch

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Research News, English